Every year the Rose Lowenstein Foundation chooses a volunteer of the year, in which we honor those that have gone above and beyond to make a difference in lives of families battling childhood cancer. The recipient of this prestigious award is named “Éowyn’s Angels” in celebration and adoration of one of our tiniest heroes, 5 year old Éowyn, who fiercely and bravely battled DIPG, and gained her precious wings on Mother’s Day 2018.

Éowyn LOVED all things princesses and Minnie Mouse, so it was imperative that we provide our Spotlight Volunteer tickets to Disney World in recognition of their selfless contributions!! A HUGE thank you goes out to Disney World for granting our foundation Park Hopper passes so that we could award our outstanding volunteers something special for their hard work and dedication. Thank you for believing in our mission to raise awareness of childhood cancer and directly impact families battling this disease! Together, we #FightLikeAPrincess. One person can raise aware of childhood cancer, but it takes a community to make a difference.

The Rose Lowenstein Foundation selected Aaron and Aimee Ramsey as our 2018-2019 Éowyn’s Angel. What started out as selfless act, Aimee and Aaron Ramsey, husband and wife team, now hold a seat on our Board of Directors. Since inception they have made it their mission to not only donate their time and talents to helping with events, but they create, implement, run and manage multiple events and activities throughout the year. Together, they perform many roles within our organization, allowing us to continue to help as many families in our area as possible. We are honored to grant such a benevolent, kind and compassionate family the Éowyn’s Angels: Volunteer of the Year Award. Thank you for your years of friendship, for your dedication, love, support, and for being The Rose Lowenstein Foundation.

Aimee and Aaron Ramsey, 2019 Volunteers of the Year