Welcome to our RLF Artisan Merchandise Shop! We DREAMED  BIG, in celebration of our dearest friend Abbie, and are now proud to carry a line that specifically honors and impacts childhood cancer families. Aimee Ramsey with P&R Designs is our Merchandise Supplier and Designer. She takes great care to incorporate the latest fashion, of which each piece will contain either our logos, roses, the color gold or a variation of, thus representing childhood cancer awareness, and anything having to do with: Dreaming Big, Faith, Love, and Hope. Our Merchandise allows you to be fashionable and support our future! Proceeds from all merchandise sales allow the Foundation to write financial grants to help with the costs of travel and expenses associated with treatment, housing finances, and even personal expenditures such as gas and food. We are also able to help with necessities and even gifts for childhood cancer families for the holidays or just because we care. Shop with us today – make your purchase count – for you and for our heroes!

100% of net profits from RLF merchandise sales goes towards fulfilling our mission of raising awareness of childhood cancer and directly impacting families in their time of need.