Tracy Kellerstrass has lived in Cameron all of her life.  She and her husband, Chad, of 22 years have two sons. Devon is 20 and Kacy is 16.  She has been employed at Cameron Title, LLC for three and a half years as a Title Agent.  Tracy joined the Rose Lowenstein Foundation because of her son Devon’s best friend. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the fall of 2011, Devon’s 7th grade year.  He had it removed in November, and due to complications he ended up having a stroke. After severe complications from the stroke and a couple months on life support, they lost him on Valentine’s Day 2012.  “That was the hardest thing my son has ever gone through and still affects him to this day. As a parent, trying to explain the what, the how and the why of childhood cancer to your innocent 13 year old was beyond difficult.  Because of this, I believe in this foundation and all of the work it does and the awareness that it spreads.”