My name is Kathy Mikels and I am the blessed mother of a beautiful 3 year old daughter, Eliza Rae.  To tell you how and why I’m involved with The Rose Lowenstein Foundation I’ll have to back up a little.  When my daughter was just 2 months old my cousin Billy and his wife Brittany had their 3rd child, another daughter, Rosamund Lowenstein.  I remember visiting them all in the hospital and Brittany and I trading babies to hold. Rose was perfect and precious and I knew her and Eliza were going to be the best of cousins one day.  Fast forward 4 months and our family received the saddest news. Imagine having a happy and healthy 6 month old baby girl and her little baby cousin (by just 2 months) has cancer. The words not fair come to mind.  I easily put myself in Billy and Brittany’s shoes and was scared at what was to be Rose’s future. I started out helping the foundation with t-shirts. Me and a close friend of mine, along with Brittany, made two shirts for the first Home Runs for Rose.  That first event I sat in a tent and sold the shirts. At the end of the day I told myself I wanted to do more. A year later I told Billy and Brittany to put me to work…no matter what it was. They asked me to help them get donations for the auctions and raffle baskets and the rest, as they say, is history.  I am so honored to be a part of The Rose Lowenstein Foundation and even more proud to be a part of #Rosefest.. I love that every year it just gets better and better!