My name is Jessica (Riddle) Pasley. I was born and raised in Cameron, Mo. I graduated from Cameron High School in 2002 and moved to St. Joseph, MO in 2004 where I currently reside with my husband and 3 children. I am the Senior Director of Professional Services and Lead Consultant at Value Stream Consulting in St. Joe. I work on the platform as a consultant and foundation specialist. I have known the Lowenstein family for many years and have been friends with Brittany since grade school. Brittany and I have had many ventures together. From creating dances to “Whoop There It Is” in her front yard in junior high to competing together in state golf tournaments in high school. Perhaps one of the most memorable moments I have of us as friends is when Brittany traveled back home from St. Louis to attend my baby shower for my daughter, Avery, in 2006.

When Brittany called me to tell me the news of precious Rose, I remember thinking, why? Why this, why now? Even with those unanswered questions, I knew nothing in our lives could prepare us for such a tragic circumstance to face. I knew from that moment that no matter of time or space could ever separate the urge I felt to be there for my friend. I told Brittany that I wanted to start a Facebook page for precious Rose to ask all of our friends and family to pray for this innocent baby. I had recently gone through quite a life changing experience as my husband had suffered from a major stroke that set us on a path of uncertainty where we asked for continuing prayers and strength from our Lord, and loved ones. It was through prayer that Troy (my husband) essentially recovered from his stroke with little deficiency. From that moment, I knew that prayers truly do spark miracles and that this too could be the experience that my dear friend and her family could live.

I sat down one evening and started the Facebook page “Prayers for Precious Baby Rose”. Within days, the group grew from less than 100 people to more and more. Today, the group has now reached over 2,000 members. Through this journey, I know that each and every one of those individuals continues to pray for this precious baby and her family and I truly believe that it is those prayers that have guided God’s path to salvation, mercy, and healing for precious baby Rose. I am humbled that in a world of chaos we can come together as friends, family, and a community to raise awareness, pray, and truly give thanks for Miracles granted to us from Him, our true savior.