Meet Aimee: Owner of P&R Designs, Cousin to Marcia, a cancer fighter, and daughter to Bob Ramsey, our cancer angel.

Meet Aaron: Owner of Impact Electric, Son of our cancer angel, Bob Ramsey.

Aaron and Aimee Ramsey have been married for 18 years.  Aaron was born and raised in Cameron and Aimee in Osborn.  They have 4 amazing children. Chloe is 13, Jaxson is 11, Ethan is 8 and Presley is 6.  Aaron works as an Electrician and helps on the family farms. Aimee is a photographer, designer and helps on the family farms as well.

Aaron and Aimee joined the Rose Lowenstein Foundation for many reasons.  Cancer has hit very close to home for their family. Not only have they known children of good friends to be diagnosed with cancer, but they have also had numerous family members battle cancer.  Aaron lost his father, Bob Ramsey, to cancer in March of 2017. Aimee’s cousin Marsha was diagnosed with cancer and is winning her battle. They both have had other family members diagnosed with cancer as well. Cancer strikes without warning and very fast in many cases. To have to explain to your children that they lost their grandfather to cancer is one of the most difficult things to do.  

Because of these personal experiences, Aaron and Aimee believe wholeheartedly in the mission of Rose Lowenstein Foundation for Childhood Cancer Awareness.  They work tirelessly to spread the word of awareness to anyone who will listen and to make a direct impact on local families in their time of need.